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Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award

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Anjani Mashelkar, Dr R. A. Mashelkar's mother, brought him up facing all the odds that a poor widowed uneducated mother moving to Mumbai with her only child - a six year old boy - would face. And this she did with courage and dignity. Her own circumstances never brought her down - she always expressed concern about the underprivileged people around her, and wanted her son to do something about it.


The Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award fulfills this wish. This is an annual award of Rs. 1 lakh given to an individual or an organisation for an idea, prototype or a commercialized product, service and business model. The innovation must address the problems faced by the disadvantaged resource-poor people in India and offer an original and implementable solution

This award presents an opportunity to spur and fuel innovation for the benefit of the most disadvantaged sections of society in order to 'include' them into the mainstream.It also has another equally important aim: to sensitize innovators about the problems faced by such sections of society- such as the resource poor elderly people.

The awardees will preferably be those, who believe in not just 'best practices', but 'next practices'. And most importantly, it will value solutions that represent 'affordable excellence', breaking the myth that 'affordability' and 'excellence' cannot go together.

As the award grows in stature and gains national recognition,it will endeavour to leverage support for the innovator from various other private and public sector organizations.