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Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award

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Dr. Shyam Vasudev, 3nethra :
Dr. Vasudev’s passion to develop affordable technology-based solutions was inspired by Aravind Eye Care’s innovative methods to reach the elderly and Prof. C.K. Prahalad’s views on serving the ´Bottom of the Pyramid´ by building a sustainable enterprise for the resource poor, led him and Mr. K. Chandrashekhar to create 3nethra.

3nethra is successfully pursuing a very serious global problem of elderly preventable blindness, which is also fraught with other challenges such as the significantly low number of properly trained ophthalmologists, lack of awareness, un-scalable solutions and inadequate reach that magnifies the problem manifold. 3nethra is an intelligent, portable, non-invasive, non-mydriatic, low cost device that helps in pre-screening of five major eye diseases, namely, cataract, diabetic retina, glaucoma, and cornea & refractive index with powerful inbuilt auto detection software.

3nethra’s innovation comes at a cost that is one sixth of the current cost of collective pre-screening devices and one that can be operated by a minimally trained operator. The solution has a value proposition for everyone in the entire eye care value chain, namely, the elderly blind, doctors, eye hospitals, rural entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical companies.

3nethra has received several prestigious awards and recognition such as the Samsung Innovation Quotient Award (2011), Gold Medal from DST – Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme (2011), Piramal Prize in 2010 for Emerging Ventures in Democratizing Healthcare and the Indo Dutch Innovation Award (2010).

Dr. Bhawana Chanana, low cost diapers for the elderly :
Dr. Bhawana Chanana’s innovation uses indigenously available raw material extracted from knitwear fabric waste and agro-residues like bagasse waste for making Adult Urinary Incontinence Diapers. This is a path breaking effort in improving the hygiene of elderly belonging to the lower income strata.

This innovation significantly reduces skin irritation that normally leads to formation of bedsores and also reduces the risk of mishaps due to involuntarily leakage of urine from the bladder in the elderly.

It further reduces the cost of an Adult Urinary Incontinence Diaper up to one fourth the cost of commercially available diapers in the market. This affordable cost is possible by using indigenously designed and developed manufacturing process and by engaging NGOs and self-help groups to produce and market the products.

Dr. Chanana has been widely recognized for her work in this area and has received the ´Meritorious Invention Award for Societal Innovation´ by NRDC and CSIR in 2009.