ILC : International Longevity Center - India

Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award

  • Guidelines

Following are some guidelines to follow for us to review your application in its entirety. Please try and touch upon the following areas in the text submission areas. Please be concise to the extent possible:
  • Originality / Novelty: We are very keen to look at innovations that are at least first to India if not first to the world. So make sure that you highlight the novelty or originality of your product / service.
  • Ultra low-cost: Since we are looking at "resource poor" old, its important to understand how your product / service will be made accessible by way of "extreme" affordability.
  • Addressing a specific need: Most innovations fail in the market despite their novelty and low-cost pricing, because they don't serve a burning need or don't solve a problem for the user. Please make sure you mention what problem you are addressing and how you are solving it.
  • Extent of impact on a user: Please mention how your product / service has changed or will change the user's life.
  • Stage of Innovation: We are keen to see an innovation at any stage of its lifecycle. Make sure you mention where you are in your journey.
  • Potential to scale: We would like to see your innovation reaching millions of people. We would like to understand how you plan to do this.
  • Potential to commercial sustainability: Dr. Mashelkar describes innovation as a "successful exploitation of an idea". We are interested in knowing how you will exploit it commercially to make your product / service sustainable in the marketplace.
  • Commitment / Passion: We value individuals or organisations who are passionate and committed to a cause. We'd really like to listen to your own story and how you conceived your idea.
  • Track record: While this is not an absolute must, we would really like to know more about your past experiences in conceiving and deploying ideas in similar or related areas.
  • Feel free to attach documents to your application if you cannot describe your story in 500 words !