ILC : International Longevity Center - India

Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award

  • Award Winner - 2012
TouchHb – Mr. MyshkinIngawale of Biosense
Your `inclusive innovation’ of TouchHb was born out of your compassion for the poor, who were dying of anemia. It was also born out of your conviction that these deaths were totally needless and completely preventable.

Your incredible persistence (you failed 32 times !) led to a breakthrough low-cost, scalable, systemic health care solution. This is a boon for millions of poor old people around the world, who suffer from undiagnosed, and therefore untreated anemia.

Your simple, inexpensive and non-invasive detector for anemia, which requires no needles, no pricking, no high tech gadgets and no trained assistants, is a real game changer.

In recognition of your outstanding inclusive innovation of TouchHb. International Longevity Centre-India is privileged to present the Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award to you.