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Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award

  • Award Winner - 2014

    From left to right: Dr. RA Mashelkar, Mr. DR Mehta, Dr. Jairaj Chintamani and Mr.Jayant Umranikar
Dr. Jairaj Chintamani – CGN Research Labs

India has the world’s largest population of diabetics of around 67 million people. Diabetes in the elderly is emerging as one of the most critical public health problems faced by India. Treating diabetes in the elderly presents many challenges – warning symptoms are often absent and there could be complications related to the advanced age. Diabetic neuropathy – a type of nerve damage caused by diabetes – can result in death of 25% to 50% patients within 5 to 10 years. Treating an elderly diabetic requires special attention and individualised therapy.

Jairaj Chintamani has come up with a unique and innovative individualised solution, Diasense. It is a non-invasive device that allows a physician to measure the neuropathy and pin point high risk ulcer prone zones in the feet, thereby allowing the physician to initiate preventive measures. This helps prevent formation of foot ulcers and gangrene development, potentially helping the patient avoid an amputation. This high-tech device uses sensors that run on a software to predict the possible ulcers with almost 90% accuracy. Diasense could also prove useful for patient management for other diseases that involve nerve damage, such as leprosy and multiple sclerosis.