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Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award

  • Award Winner - 2016

    From left to right: Dr. Vikas Amte, Mr. Mihir Shah, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, and Mr. Jayant Umranikar)
Mihir Shah - UE LifeSciences for ‘iBreastExam’ Device

In 2015, breast cancer replaced cervical cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in India. In our country alone, almost 200 million women aged 35 to 55 do not undergo necessary annual breast exams which could potentially save their lives. Worldwide, this number is even higher. Late stage detection is the main reason behind breast cancer deaths.

UE LifeSciences has worked tirelessly since 2009 to develop breakthrough technology that has the potential to dramatically improve the accessibility and affordability of breast cancer screening. Their device called ‘iBreastExam’ uses innovative sensor and material technology combined with software computing to accurately identify cancerous lesions and tumours. Thanks to the portable, radiation-free and non-invasive device, the screenings are safe, pain-free and private. UE LifeSciences has also proposed an innovative pay-per-use model – instead of targeting direct sales – which will allow doctors in every corner of the country to start screening women for breast cancer at the earliest. The device is approved by the prominent US FDA and has been successfully used on the ground to test thousands of women, save countless lives.